Working on Faith is committed to equipping Christians to live their beliefs at work. While we are in the world, we are not meant to be of the world. We explore the answer to the question: How do we grow our faith and our businesses?


We have to compete in the marketplace for customers and jobs. So how do we compete and stay true to God’s Word? We explore the issues of marketing, sales, and more in this program.

Working on Faith Ministry

WOF is about Christian business. Usually, the largest part of our days is spent at work. Wherever we work our faith should be visible in how we conduct ourselves. At WOF, we explore how to live our values and beliefs at work. We are working on our faith, businesses, and careers.

Working on Faith Radio

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Working on Faith Radio (WOFR) is focused on bringing you the stories, interviews, informatio


n, education, and encouragement that will equip you to live your faith in the workplace. Our podcasts are available from this site, iTunes, Amazon, and other outlets. Our goal is to become a 24/7/365 Christian Business Radio resource for you!

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