Our Approach

Somedays you need information. On other days you are looking for encouragement. Sometimes you need both. Information, encouragement, tools, and a focus on applying biblical principles in the workplace is what Working on Faith is all about.

Our products and services include original :

  • podcasts;
  • books; and
  • articles.

We also love to share rebroadcast of our favorite experts, opinion makers, and radio programs that share our values.

Working on Faith is about working to build and strengthen your reliance on God (your faith) and relying on your faith to navigate through the challenges and opportunities of working in the world.

Our Story

In June 2011, I (Lea Strickland) was involved with a business event that focused on helping start-ups. At the end of the first day, I was walking out of the event back to my car with my intern. I had a terrible migraine and an even bigger pain in my soul! As we were walking back to the car, I was praying silently “God why are there so many unethical people in the world? Why are there so many people so focused on riches and wealth – no matter what they have to do to get it?” As I continued to pray I heard my intern ask “Whatis the next project was going to be?”

I am still having a conversation with God. “Lord, between this migraine pain and my spiritual pain I can’t help but ask why…” I won’t go into the specifics of the rest of that prayer. However, while I was praying the last bit of that prayer and my intern was asking his question, that God gave me what I thought was going to be my next writing project – a book title and concept.

I told my intern what the next project would be. He didn’t return to work on that project. But I started researching and talking to people about the project.  What happened over the course of a year was the realization that a radio program would be one part of what had to be created. I also realized that I wanted to be better equipped for the larger mission and enrolled in the Masters in Applied Biblical Studies program at Moody Bible Institute.

So Working on Faith is a commission from God that came from a pain point in the marketplace. Christian business owners and professionals that are in the world, but want to work according to biblical principles and their Christian beliefs. There are some books written for this audience. Now we want to make those books and experts more accessible through radio, podcasting, and other resources.

S0 2017 is the launch of Working on Faith Radio. We have a mix of our original program content and we will be rebroadcasting some great podcasts and radio programs from Bible experts, thought leaders on workplace ministry, and others.

Meet Working on Faith Founder

Lea Strickland

Lea Strickland Author

Lea Strickland

Founder & CEO

Lea accepted Christ as Savior and Lord at the age of 7. During high school, Lea was involved in a program that provided testing to assist in career choices. After a day of answering questions, the career recommended was rabbi! That surprising answer has revealed itself to be at least partially true, from the perspective that rabbi means teacher of Torah.

In 2014, Lea wrote her first non-fiction, Christian book, The ABC’s of Biblical Change: Lessons from the Pentateuch (also known as Torah). The book was written as an accompaniment to a free course she created for Moody Bible Institute.

Lea graduated in 2015 from Moody Bible Institute with a Masters in Applied Biblical Studies. She also holds an MBA from The Ohio State University and BS in Management and Finance from The University of Charleston.

Lea has published over 800 articles and five books on business topics. She has led over 200 workshops and 100 webinars on business, leadership, and organizational change.


Next Steps…

Lea loves to share her testimony and life lessons with groups. If you would like to have Lea speak to your group or at an event, invite her to speak. Topics include: Biblical Change, Leadership, Faith in the Workplace, and any of the radio program areas of focus.

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