Working On Faith

Working on Faith focuses on applying biblical principles to everyday life, especially our work life. We spend more or our waking hours at the workplace than at home! This gives us tremendous opportunities to be a living example of what Christ has done in our lives.

The workplace is also where can encounter our biggest challenges. Living our faith while we build our businesses or careers brings us to the intersection of Faith and Business. It challenges us to be Working on our Faith and Work by Faith.

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The Competitive Spirit

Businesses must compete for the customer. Employees compete for recognition, promotions, and compensation. How do we compete (and win) and adhere to biblical principles?


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Christian business owner’s manual

Your car has an owner’s manual. Wouldn’t it be great if your business came with an owner’s manual? It does! The Bible has the foundational principles for every business. These principles are the keys to success.

Do you want to know about:

  • delegation of authority
  • building a new organization
  • how to handle differences between organizational leadership
  • defining a mission
  • succession planning
  • and more!

The Bible has the answers!


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